Atlas of the Week

The atlas of the week is Transit Maps of the world because transportation is a vital part of our society and is a large part of the culture I was raised in. Being someone who grew up in a city known for its amazing public transportation I thoroughly enjoy judging other towns, cities and countries’ means of transportation. This atlas provides numerous maps on how people commute and travel. Furthermore, the graphics and colors in these maps make exploring them fascinating.

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  1. Megan Montoya says:

    As someone who has grown up in a very small town, my experiences using public transportation are extremely limited. Only having to face transit maps during trips with my family, they have always come off as complicated and stressful. This atlas provides a new perspective on these intricate designs while demonstrating the wide variety and styles public transportation maps can take on depending on where they are located. In a way, these maps develop an almost art-like nature, as they represent the shared global experience of human interaction with not only one another, but the spaces around them.

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