Atlas and Blog Link of the Week

Both the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection and The Map as History website have large collections of atlases and maps. The David Rumsey Collection is a great resource for both maps and atlases, some of which date back all the way to 1837. It includes national atlases, school atlases, and text from all of them too. The Map as History, on the other hand, is more modern. It is a collection of animated maps that it promotes as being made for students, teachers, and history buffs. The website has 20 different collections, all of which contain up to 24 animated maps. They have a wide variety of maps covering all sorts of different topics, such as Ancient Greece, the Cold War, and the Age of Discovery. Both the David Rumsey Collection and The Map as History website have maps covering a wide range of topics from throughout history.;JSESSIONID=04ff236c-f55a-46f6-92e4-f8f97d3a7e74?search=Search&q=5956.000&QuickSearchA=QuickSearchA&pgs=50&res=1&sort=Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_List_No%2CSeries_No

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