Map Presentation: Lunar Wall Mosaic

The Lunar Wall Mosaic was created in 1962. This map shows the moon’s surface, which represents different craters and mountains. After examination of this map, most people would not be interested because it is hard to understand the main idea of it or see specific locations on the moon. Map was made specifically for astronauts to land on the moon, they needed to know exact details of the surface such as its slope and composition. Which are labeled at the bottom of the map, but the important fact of this map is its actual creation not its presentation. Lunar mapping gave people an opportunity to visit and study the moon. This map also represents a political situation between United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War.

The two powerhouses at the time that were interested in lunar maps the most during that time were the United States and the Soviet Union. These two countries were engaged in so called “Space Race” where they competed to explore space in that way showing their power. As a result, the ability to map the moon carried political background. By mapping the moon U.S and USSR demonstrated the ability of organizing their resources and power. Because these two countries were involved in the Cold War, lunar mapping became a form of some sort of mental war. These countries wanted to show their power and be one step ahead in education and knowledge of the moon.

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