Atlas of Science Online

Follow the link above to the Atlas of Science Online. This atlas contains maps and figures of all different types that are meant to express not only the power of maps themselves, but the power of scientific information. Although throughout the atlas I found traditional maps, more interestingly, there were very unconventional maps that completely abstracted the world. In some cases, the maps in this atlas even challenge the way we view at scientific information and how it can be presented. For example, the first section of the fourth part of the atlas contains extremely abstract maps of the world titled “Cosmographia World Map” and even maps that describe “the structure of science.” This is a very unique atlas and serves as an excellent example of the unique ability maps have of abstracting spaces and ideas into more simplified forms. I really recommend taking a look at the atlas it is not very long and it holds some very interesting maps that push the limits of cartography.


Santiago Espinosa

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