Atlas of the week: It’s expanding…

Since urbanization and globalization are integrally related, I shall introduce to you the Atlas of Urban Expansion. The Atlas of Urban Expansion is made by Shlomo Angel, Jason Parent, Daniel L. Civco, and Alejandro M. Blei. Basically, you can find cities all over the world with the changes of urban area and data. Given by two satellite images in two different years of a certain city as a comparison, you can clearly see the expansion of the urban area in the city. The urban area is full of red and oranges dots, which is compelling and makes the viewer feel tension and pressured. The red area and complicated lines make the city seem like to get a cancer. The expansion of the urban area is just like the expansion of the cancer cell within a patient. Mapmakers intentionally choose the color and projection to reveal the fact that since over 50% people live in the urban area and the number is still increasing, the urban system need to be planned carefully and strategically. Want to know more about urban expansion of cities around the world? Check out the Atlas of Urban Expansion!

by Minyao Li (Trista)

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