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Robert Higgins

Web App: UR Downtown Shuttle

My web app is not saving online but if you use your imagination really well you could ride the UR Downtown Shuttle to our city campus.

Project 1- Map Proposal

For the map I plan on creating for project one, I plan to produce a 2-D map that displays the effects of immigration patterns on breast cancer population today. I believe that looking into immigration data from Eastern Europe and some of the Middle Eas…

Political Mapping in Peace Relations

I think that after reading and learning about chapters 7-9 in How to Lie with Maps, our class has been exposed to many of the truths about map making.  We saw with the Falkland Islands stamps that simple maps could create significant controversy and …

Map 2

Unmarried Individuals in Richmond Area based on census tract data.

Map 1

Unmarried Individuals in US, based on county census tract.

Introduction to Geography 280

To begin, I am a junior science major and am very interested in expanding my academic body. I found my Australian summer course in geography very informative and exciting. Working with highly functional maps and GIS tools was interesting to me. Learnin…