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David Boroughs

Map Blunder – D.J., Ethan, Scott


Removed sports fields
Made a road the same color as a walkway
Symbols from legend are in wrong spots
Made ghost Gateway Apartments

Project Proposal

For my project I would like to edit an existing campus map and turn it into a dining map for visitors who are in need of sustenance. The map will have highlighted areas and buildings where food and beverages can be obtained on campus. I also might inc…

Motro Article Reflection

Motro Article Reflection
Ethan Boroughs
In my opinion, the Motro article was really interesting, but more than anything it was frightening. Through explanations and examples from these last few class periods, I’ve understood how there are a v…

Introduction Essay

Ethan Boroughs
My name is Ethan Boroughs and I am a sophomore at UR this year. I am from Hanover County, Virginia, which is about 30 minutes outside of Richmond. Through my years, I have traveled fairly extensively across the United States and …