Motro Reflection

Politics and religion aside, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always been a war of geography. This is something that I never really considered until now and indeed, the dispute stems from a lack of agreement on both ends on where Israel ends and Palestine begins. Numerous agreements have been based on the amount of land that has been negotiated to represent each group and each time, Palestinian territory shrinks as Israeli territory grows, thus presenting a geographical image of the political reality of Israel’s power that has been able to undermine the Palestinian struggle. This was the theme central to the problematic nature of the Swiss cheese map which broke up Palestinian land into tiny sections across Israel. Arafat’s walkout was based on the fact that this geographical representation of Palestine would only undermine the Palestinian people through segregation as moving from one Palestinian area to another would require crossing Israel over and over again. This article is a great representation of how geography shapes our world and reflects upon the political realities that take place.