NASA Interactive Climate Time Machine

This website, which is powered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, shows an interactive map that details how some of the key indicators of climate change have changed in Earth’s recent history. The webpage breaks down four different topics that can be used to visualize the effects of climate change. The four topics are sea ice, sea level, carbon dioxide and global temperature. Once a topic is selected, an interactive video is shown that details the shifts in these different topics over an extended period of time. For two of the topics, you have the ability to change what geographic region you view the data for.

One thought on “NASA Interactive Climate Time Machine

  1. I love this website, I had seen it before this and have loved the simplicity of it. The visual contextualization leaves a lasting impact on the readers. At least for me, it creates a sense of urgency without hitting you over the head with the idea.

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