RealClimate: Climate Science

  The website I found is called RealClimate: Climate science from climate scientists, and it includes a few interesting sections. There are published research papers, new articles pertaining to climate science, and an open thread where people can post on climate science topics. They also have a bimonthly thread where people discuss responses and solutions to climate change. I looked through a few of the posts and discovered several interesting suggestions for solutions to climate change, including the Renewable Revolution and Regenerative Agriculture. The Renewable Revolution refers to making a transition to renewable energy, including technology like solar panels and wind turbines. Regenerative Agriculture is an approach to farming that does not use pesticides and also helps regenerate topsoil and increase biodiversity. There are also some really good graphs and tables on global temperature and other data pertinent to climate. The website is really interesting, especially the commentary made by professionals in the field of climate science.

The new ocean heat content estimate (posted by Dr. James Annan)