Building Common Ground for Practical Climate Solutions

The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions has a fantastic and continually updated website that allows all age groups to learn about climate change, their personal impact on climate and the best ways to help the environment. The site has a forum that brings together many perspectives on climate change solutions, it also is constantly updated with he most recent information and research studies regarding climate. Much of the focus of the website is on goverment policy, including ways to show your support for policy, and the latest global and national news regarding environment related policy. The site is extremely effective in teaching the reader that even a small personal change can have a larger impact on the environment and can spur others to make similar changes. 

This image from the website was particularly interesting and relevant to our course because it shows all of the billion-dollar extreme weather events between 2000 and 2017. It also shows the type of extreme weather event as well as the different economic impact of the storms.

Another awesome feature of the website was being able to track your personal carbon footprint. By asking questions about your home, your common forms of transportation, and your zip code the site was able to compare your carbon footprint with the average of your community. My results are below.

Overall, it is a great website and great source to learn about climate, energy solutions, and stay caught up with major research findings, and policy decisions related to the environment.

2 thoughts on “Building Common Ground for Practical Climate Solutions

  1. The map this uses is very helpful for understanding the amount of natural disasters that happen in areas and their resulting budgets for repairs. The anthropocene is increasingly affecting the natural world and this has been and will continue to be a growing problem for both the social and physical earth. These visuals are very helpful and the website is really easy to maneuver. I like that the website is focusing on solutions rather than just pointing out the problems.

  2. I think this website is a great resource because of the fact that it allows all age groups to learn about climate change. Climate change is definitely a relevant issue especially as the years go by, and there are still a lot of people who don’t even think it’s real. The part of the website that I enjoyed the most was all of the different graphs and charts that show our human effects on climate change, even specific to our location. An important thing that the website shows as well is the effect of individual change. When it comes to climate change, every person can make a difference in terms of their daily actions, and the website is effective in showing ways on how to reduce our carbon footprint along with calculating our specific footprint which I think is very helpful to look at things from a individual perspective.

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