Urban Heat Island Interactive Maps

We have spent quite a bit of time in class talking about Urban Heat Islands and their different effects, yet it is different to hear about them than to actually see them in a real-time map. This interactive map shows UHI in California calculating temperature differentials over time between urban areas and nearby upwind rural reference points at the height these would be experienced by humans rather than ground level. The map is color-coded according to intensity and the index is reported in degree-hours per day or you can also view the UHI effects through average daily temperature increments.


2 thoughts on “Urban Heat Island Interactive Maps

  1. Since we have discussed UHI effect, it seemed really critical to me to seek to learn more about the urban heat island effect, as it is really interesting to know about the influence humans really have on the climate. From the study of UHI, I learned that because of the heat from the cities and urban areas we are actually influencing not only the biosphere but also the atmosphere and to some degree the lithosphere as well in different areas. Therefore, I really fond it important that we should conduct more studies to know about the effect of UHI, and a map representing the effect is going to really convenient on taking future decisions.

  2. I found these maps very interesting because we talked about UHI effect in class. The interactive map and the informative report allowed me to dig further into knowing the practical effect of UHI effect. Visualization of such effect allowed me to understand and remember the importance of it as well. These kind of information would be critical for further development and urbanization.

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