Updates on Working with the Solidoodle 3

In the video below, I describe some of our recent activity regarding optimizing printing for our Solidoodle 3 3D printer including:

  • printing with ABS using an enclosure (no ducted fan)
  • printing with PLA using a ducted fan (no/open enclosure)
  • using glass plates along with water soluble glue
  • printer mods (including the enclosure with carbon filter, ducted fan, wire bundle guide, and webcam mount)

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1 Response to Updates on Working with the Solidoodle 3

  1. Andy Lennox says:

    I am teaching a class at Brook Haven Middle School, in Sebastopl , Ca. the student are 7th and 8 th graders, . We are using a Solidoodle 3, but not having much success .

    I see that you are using ABS with an enclosure. At this point, we are having problems printing the parts that are used to hold the enclosure onto the Solidoodle case.
    Could you print out those pieces for us so that we could make the enclosure?
    We have the Plexiglass and the magnets.
    Thanks , Andy Lennox

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