There are more than a dozen 3D printers on campus as of January 2014, and they are operated under varying levels of access in order to support programs.  Please contact the office or department listed below or use the Information Services contact form immediately below for assistance.

Information Services

Within Information Services, there are multiple 3D printers and consultation resources for faculty with academic experimental and research needs.  Currently, we have an Anycubic Photon Mono M5s printer and an Ultimaker 3 FDM printer.

Please fill out the contact form below for a consultation about 3D design and/or 3D printing.

Other 3D Printing on Campus

The Technology Learning Center (TLC) within the newly created Weinstein Learning Center (Boatwright Memorial Library, 2nd floor) provides 3D design assistance and access to multiple 3D printers for academic projects.

The following are some other programs around campus that utilize 3D printing.  Please note that access to those resources may be restricted to faculty and students involved in those programs.  Please contact those areas for clarification.  Further, there are individual faculty research groups and others with 3D printers, but they are not listed here to contact.

The Art and Art History Department manages a diverse set of tools for the fabrication of art, and 3D printing represents a small subset.

The Book Arts Studio in Boatwright Library has 3D printing as part of its program that includes equipment such as bookbinding machines.

The Theatre and Dance Department workshop has 3D printing capabilities to enrich their stagecraft.