But What will we wear?

During our work day on Tuesday our group started to discuss costumes and props needed for Act 5.  Then during our rehearsal on Wednesday night we proposed our ideas to the group.  We had some great conversations about props with out Osher folks, including what exactly a horned moon is (evidently it is a crescent moon for anyone that is curious).  We came to the conclusion that the nobles, who are observing the play within the play,  should be dressed in business attire while the mechanicals should be in jeans and or coveralls (which we learned are called dungarees in Britain).  We went though the scene and started doing a bit of blocking to make sure the scene held together even with the cuts.  A few adjustments were made the stage directions, and a few lines were reassigned to different characters. It was a successful rehearsal and we look forward to continuing to block and work though our script next week.