Yes, it can as we proved Wednesday night.  We had a small group of Osher participants this week, however, our meeting was still productive.  One of the women in our group, who is beyond enthusiastic about acting and performance, brought in props and a costume she had made for Wall. Another participant got the opportunity to read though his lines and start learning the blocking (since he was not present last week).  We made a few more adjustments to the script and discussed the concept of where to put the nobles who are watching the play within the play.  We came to the conclusion that we want them to be on the stage and can have them sitting on an angle facing the players and the audience.  We had a conversation about inflection and how the lines are supposed to be read and thought about the meaning behind some of the lines in order to reflect the full emotion and humor though tone and gestures. We had planed to play the game we played on the first day we met, but with characters and situations from act 5, however, we did not have enough people present nor enough distinctive characters to make it really fun.  Hopefully next week we will have a bigger group and can continue to block and rehearse scenes.  We are well on our way to having a great production of the last act!