This past Monday, our group showed up to John Marshall to find one student who stayed after school to participate in the rehearsal. Since Mrs. Ramsey had no way to contact us via phone, she was unable to let us know that no one else was showing up for rehearsal that day until we arrived. Apparently half of the students have after school activities, but the other half just felt like going home that day. She believes that she has less of an authoritative stance to get the students to stay for rehearsal than if Molly, Allison, or I were to ask them to stay.

Mrs. Ramsey asked if we had any ideas to get the students to stay and be more accountable. I said food always attracts people (I would know from personal experience). We also discussed possibly emailing the students the weekend before to inform them on exactly what we will be doing at rehearsal as well as asking them who will be able to commit the night before, that way we know our numbers ahead of time. Maybe by telling them what we plan on doing they will be more inclined to show up. Mrs. Ramsey sent  their emails to Molly, so we will definitely try that out for next week.

Hopefully we are successful!