Last Wednesday meeting we only had 2 show but that was okay. We made due! Dennis played about 4 different audience members while Rachel was happily and proudly the Moon. One of our members is so enthusiastic about our play and she’s just adorable. She brought in a wall costume sheet where she cut a head hole and drew sharpie on it so it really does look like a wall. She also brought me a scarf that we need to later make look bloody when the lion attacks my scarf. She also brought Rachel a dog leash with an invisible dog which I think she’s really happy about. But I do think she wants to put a real dog in it or just a stuffed animal. I vote for the real dog, specificially Rosie!! But we shall see if we get lucky. Overall it went very well. We practiced the play within the play and only with 4 actors so it was fun to improv some!

Hello blog world,

Well no matter what I seem to do I never fail to take 10 minutes to realize that I’m not logged in and search for hours how to post a new entry and NOT a comment but anyways more importantly our group is going so great. I think we are actually really lucky we ended up getting the older folk. At first I won’t lie I was kinda bummed because I was really looking forward to working with the kids but now I don’t even realize how good we have it. We don’t have to teach them to read, babysit them, or travel anywhere; they come to us! Also, they are teaching us things about Shakespeare so we definitely do not need to explain anything of that nature to them either. All in all we love our group and it’s really a great time!