This week we did not meet with Higher Achievement because they had outside mentors coming in to work with the kids. During class time this past week, we started talking about props, line/character distribution, more theater games, and the possibility of the students performing their act in front of their own school. We came up with the idea that on the last day of rehearsal, they would put on the act for their classmates. This could help prepare them for performing the act at our school as well!

In terms of props, we have a few things that we know we need. We know we need two crowns for Theseus and Hippolyta, as well as possible fairy wings (if we decide to add fairies instead of splitting roles). We also discussed the idea of having the children wear certain colors for their characters. For example, Hermia might wear blue whereas Helena might wear pink, and all teh mechanical’s might wear different shades of green. Next time we meet with the children we will ask them what colors they have (or prefer) to wear and figure out of those who are splitting lines would rather just be fairies or extra mechanical’s. I’m excited to get back to working with the kids next week and starting our line rehearsals!