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Theo Miesse

Online Map: Top 10 Restaurants in Richmond

Here is the link to my StoryMap:
My map shows the top 10 restaurants in Richmond according to Trip Advisor. The location of each restaurant is shown, along with a picture of the restaurant and a short description of the restaura…

Project 1 Idea

For my project I am planning to map the average amount of physical activity of people across the United States. I will take the average physical activity for each state and compare them with the other states. I wanted to do something related to the wel…

Motro Reflection

Shari Motro’s article “Lessons from a Swiss Cheese Map” was quite interesting and thought provoking. I thought that Motro did a great job at making the article accessible to people who know very little about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, l…

Two Maps

Average Number of Vehicles per Household per State

Percent of Foreign Born Population By State


Hi, my name is Theo and I am a junior from Los Angeles majoring in PPEL with a concentration in Philosophy and trying to minor in Education and Society. I have two pit bulls back home that I absolutely love to death, and I am obsessed with analyzing my…