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Marissa Parker

Joy and Marissa’s Blunder Map


Switched Crenshaw Way and Keller Road labels.
Switched UR Drive and College Road labels.
Added toxic symbol to lake.
Added dollar sign to location of future Queally Hall.
Tilted North arrow.
Changed scale bar unit to meters.

Project #1 Plan

For my first project, I want to create a map showing the geographic distribution of the campers at the University of Richmond chapter of Camp Kesem. As a Development Coordinator for Camp Kesem at University of Richmond, I’m interested to know where o…

Swiss Cheese Map Article Reflection

I really enjoyed reading this article by one of Richmond’s own professors. The first page or so was difficult to comb through since I have no background knowledge on the Oslo II peace talks or about this area of Israel. However, once Motro starti…

Marissa's GeoVisMaps Blog 2016-01-14 10:43:30

In this course, I hope to expand my geospatial skills and learn new visualization technology. In my introductory GIS class, we touched upon cartography principles and map making. But we only made maps in ArcMap which has very limited functionality and …