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Matthew Celona

Web Map: A Tour of the Golf Courses on Kiawah Island

Here is the link to my web/story map:
My web map is a story map of the seven golf courses on Kiawah Island, SC.  Each golf course is represented by a point on the map, label and picture, with a short description of each course …

Matt and Ken Blunder’s Map

Mixed up the campus entrance labels
Changed the units in the scale
Changed color of the lake and its text label color
Added a building that doesn’t exist

Final Map

University of Richmond Visitor Campus Map: Description
This map is made specifically for visitors to the University of Richmond campus.  It shows the most direct route to the admissions building (using arrows), where visitors meet for informat…

Project Proposal

For my project, I am thinking of editing the campus map to make it one that is designed specifically for visitors to the school.  For example, I have been asked multiple times from parents driving around campus with their son/daughter for directions …

Motro Article Reflection

Overall, I thought the Shari Motro article about the Swiss Cheese Map was very interesting. Even though I didn’t know much about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks prior to reading the article, I think Motro did a great job of going into detail abou…

Map #2

This is a map of money spent on public transportation by county across the country, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.  I thought it made sense to see a larger amount of money spent on public transportation around larger cities in the northeast and west co…

This Is Why I’m Here

My name is Matthew Celona and I am from Summit, NJ.  I am a junior here at the University of Richmond.  I am majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Economics and Finance, as well as minoring in Mathematics.  As a business school …