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Lena Lee

Lena Lee project 2

High school Dropout Rate Changes from 2006 to 2014 in Virginia by Counties
High school graduation rate is important because it measures…

Blunders Becca and Lena

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Answer Key:
No dining hall label in the legend and on the map
Scale bar – ends at an awkward number
The top of the map is cut off.
The title is misspelled.
the “You are her…

Lena Lee – project 1

Lena Lee
I made a map of obesity rates(in all age groups) in the State of Virginia. The data is from CDC and is divided by counties. The darker the shade of the purple is, the more obese people there are in a county. (the data is from 2012) I did not…

Lena – Project progress

I am mapping the rate of discharge in hospitals caused by Asthma in age group 0-17yrs.
In Onondaga, NY

Project – Lena Lee

For my project, I am planning to map the number of people who are under age 21 who have Asthma in New York. My thesis is that the city with higher concentration of people who have asthma has higher rate of poverty rate than the other cities that don&#8…

Reflection on Motro Article (Lena Lee)

I was genuinely surprised to read about just how important maps were. I thought only about the information it gave to people who wanted to go to places, not about how the presentation of maps could make or break political, cultural, economical deals be…

Lena Lee – Intro

My name is Lena Lee and I am a sophomore. I live in Burke, VA and I originally came from South Korea 9 years ago. I am going to major in healthcare studies and I just decided on it last semester. In high school, I enjoyed taking psychology, envi…