Class Agenda: Feb. 16th-18th

Class Agenda:

Tuesday  16th

  • Discuss HLM Reading on Symbols
  • Discuss Cartodb Assignment
  • Map examples and discussion
  • Projecting data in ArcMap
  • Project draft discussion
  • Project data searching

HW Before Thursday:

Finalize Project proposal and post to blog

Thursday 18th

  • Work on Symbolizing data in ArcMap
  • Work on Projects


Your First Choropleth Map Assignment (Due Tuesday Feb. 23rd)


Learning about making a Choropleth map in Cartodb


  1. What is an infowindow in Cartodb?
  2. What type of data can be used in Choropleth mapping?
  3. What is the polygon stroke?
  4. What is the benefit of having more buckets vs. less?