Class Agenda: Feb 9th-11th

Class Agenda:

Tuesday  9th

  • Projects
  • Map projection slides and Demo
  • Exercise about map projections
  • Review Cartodb assignment
  • Collect HW Questions

Additional Scale Reading:

Choosing the Right Map Projection

Thursday 11th

  • Discuss reading
  • Project Rubric Discussion
  • The GIS 20 layout exercise (Chapter 2)–located on Blackboard
  • Project Ideas
HW DUE TUESDAY (Feb. 16th):
HLM Chapter 2: Symbols
Paragraph outlining your Project plan, posted to blog before class (Project 1 Rubric on Blackboard)
Cartodb Exercise below

Thematic Maps with Point Data Assignment:


Learning about symbols and creating Thematic Maps with Point Data in Cartodb


  1. What are the data types in CartoDB and what do they mean?
  2. What are the Quantification types and what do they mean?
  3. Explain how Density maps work?
  4. What are buckets?
  5. Filter the data and provide the SQL here: _____________________________