Class Agenda: Feb.2nd-4th

Class Agenda:

Tuesday 2nd

  • Review Cartodb maps (go over questions)
  • Collect HW from Making my First Map Assignment
  • Scale Slides and Review
  • Hand-drawn map lab (either outside or in classroom, depending on the weather)
  • ArcGIS scale lesson

Additional Scale Reading:

How Web Maps Work

Making a Meaningful Map


Thursday 4th

  • Discuss readings
  • Mapshaper generalization exercise
  • Scale in Web mapping (basemaps)
  • Show census data and scale thresholds of campus map


Using SQL to Project Your Map Using Albers Projection Assignment:


By default, maps created in CartoDB use the Web Mercator projection. All maps are projections — a way to represent the “spherical” Earth as a flat representation in a browser. The Albers projection is a popular map projection for the US because it creates minimal distortions for most of the country. This tutorial will show you how to project your map in CartoDB using the Albers projection


  1. What does ST_Transform do?
  2. What is the_geom_webmercator column and why is it important
  3. What is an SRID number?
  4. What does SRID 2163 represent?
  5. What is EPSG:2854, check out this site