Class Agenda: Jan. 26th & 28th

Class Agenda:

Tuesday 26th

  • Meet with group to discuss/work on presentation for your chapter.
  • Hand in hard copy summary from your reading.
  • We will provide scanned images for your presentations.
  • Presentations should be around 7min and summarize your HLM chapter.
  • LAB: If time allows, we will work on uploading Lat/long points in ArcGIS Online

Reflection on Motro Article:

Write a one paragraph reflection on the Motro article for the blog as HW. Before Thursday upload paragraph to the blog under Assignment 3—Motro article reflection.


Thursday 28th

  • Motro article discussion (discussion and class participation is a big part of your participation grade, so make sure to come prepared!)
  • Miss South Carolina clip
  • Making your First Map—CartoDB Map Academy(Finish for HW)
  • Turn in hard copy of questions at the beginning of class Tuesday (Feb. 2nd) 


Making my First Map Assignment:

Welcome to CartoDB Academy! In this first lesson in Course 1, we’ll walk you through the steps that will help you make your first map. It is intended to give you a quick overview and familiarize you with some of the basics of CartoDB. In subsequent lessons we’ll dive into specifics.


  1. What is the_geom? Why is it important?
  2. What is the difference between the Data View and Map View
  3. What is Marker Fill?
  4. Marker Stroke?