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Archive Course

If you would like to keep an archive of the course, follow these instructions:

Ongoing phishing attempts target Blackboard users

Recent phishing scams directed at Blackboard users at the University of Richmond and other universities attempt to trick users into logging in to a fake Outlook Web Access or Blackboard page. All of these attempts are made to look like real UR web pages.

Course Copy

Sometimes it is desirable to copy a course from a previous semester and then make changes to the new course. This is done through the course copy feature in Blackboard. First, go into the OLD course and then select “Packages and Utilities” from the control panel.

Group By Terms

Ever wanted your courses displayed by the term it was in? (like Fall 2014, Spring 2015, etc.) Well now you can! Follow the steps below to group your courses.

Embed YouTube Videos into Blackboard

Did you know that you can embed YouTube videos directly into your Blackboard course? To seamlessly include these videos in your Blackboard course, please follow these easy steps:

1.) Log into and enter your course site.

2.) Enter the existing content area where you would like to share the YouTube videos. (Alternatively, you can create a new content area by clicking the “+” in the top left of your course navigation area, and select “Content Area” to create a new course content area.

3.) Once you have entered the content area of your choice, you should select the option to “Build Content.”

4.) Under the “Build Content” menu select “YouTube Video.”

5.) Enter a search term to locate your video and click “Go.”

6.) “Select” the video you’d like to include in your course and on the next screen click “Submit.”

7.) Your YouTube video is now seamlessly embedded into your Blackboard course site!

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