Recent phishing scams directed at Blackboard users at the University of Richmond and other universities attempt to trick users into logging in to a fake Outlook Web Access or Blackboard page. All of these attempts are made to look like real UR web pages.

Faculty and students who receive the email are advised to delete or ignore it. Anyone who has already clicked on the link and entered account information should change his password and challenge questions immediately. Users can reset their password by going to .

Questions about phishing attempts should be directed to

Phishing attempts targeting UR staff, students and faculty serve as an important reminder that providing personal information in response to an unsolicited email, especially things like passwords and account numbers, is always a bad idea.

Many unsolicited emails and instant messages containing URLs are actually attempts to trick recipients into divulging personal information — known as “phishing.” In other words, the sender is putting the bait out there to see if you will bite.

For more information about computer security, please visit the Information Security websites.

Information Services (including the HelpDesk)  will NEVER ask for your password or other personal data via email. Messages requesting such details are fraudulent.  DELETE THEM WITHOUT REPLY.