At Reel Heroes, writing expert Greg Smith and noted psychologist Scott Allison provide an analysis of heroes in the movies. How well do heroes in movies follow the classic stages of the hero journey? Which movies excel in portraying an effective hero character, and which movies fall woefully short?

At Reel Heroes, you’ll find:

* A review of recent movies, showing you which movies have great hero characters and why.

* An analysis of which movies have effective villains, and what makes a great villain.

* Smith and Allison’s choices for Best and Worst Movies, along with the Best Movie Heroes.

Smith and Allison’s book Reel Heroes: Volume 1, describes a new classification scheme of heroes, describing them as Lone Heroes, Hero-Sidekicks, Buddy Heroes, Divergent Heroes, Families, Fraternities, and Military Ensembles. The book also concludes with Five Great Truths about movie heroes.

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