Cubify’s Cubestick “Magic Glue” for Non-Cube Printers?

Photo of front and back labels of Cubify's Cubestick used to help first layer of 3D printer print job to stick to the print bed.We’ve had some trouble with prints sticking to the print bed over the last year and a half since we acquired our first 3D printer.  It’s mostly a matter of choice.  It’s not that we want poor adhesion, but we have made the decision to run our printers with a glass plate (with the exception of occasionally running the Thing-O-Matic with its conveyor belt).  The reasons include:  being able to quickly switch the glass plates to start the next job, the glass plate is more flat than the aluminum print bed, the glass covers up the holes above the adjustment screws, and glass is cheap (we buy simple plate glass from big box stores for about $2 for several beds (and they cut the glass to size for free).

The Cubestick comes with a sponge applicator but it goes on the glass similar to a gluestick. After the print job is done, I’ve noticed that the parts pop off the plate by themselves if the plate is allowed to cool completely to room temperature and is easily pulled off if left warm.  One can wash off the part (if it has not already come off), glue residue, and skirt/outline bead of plastic simply with tap water.

So far, I would say it is much less messy than using ABS-acetone slurries but obviously more work than if polyimide tape is working for you without anything more.  My problem is that the same parts warp, pulling away from the print bed during printing, with the Cubestick as with other techniques.  I am in the midst of assemblying an enclosure for the Solidoodle 3 which should serve to keep it warm and stable inside the build volume (thanks to paeltz at soliforum for the design).

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