Large Scale 3D Printing

Cosmo Wenman, an artist who has scanned sculptures at such museums as the British

Head of a horse of Selene (including Portraint of Alexander the Great in the photo)

Created by
CosmoWenman at Thingiverse

Museum in London and the Getty Center in Los Angeles, has printed and assembled a couple remarkable works life size including the Head of a horse of Selene and the Portrait of Alexander the Great being held at the British Museum. More information is available on a feature page at Makerbot’s web site .   They were printed using Makerbot’s original Replicator printer (which can print objects up the size of a small loaf of bread) and fused together before finishing.  These projects show that as long as ingenuity is available, the build volume limitations of low-cost 3D printers are not absolute.


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