Come Celebrate GIS Day With Us During East Asia Week!

November 12, 2019

This week the University of Richmond is celebrating East Asia Week, a cross-campus celebration of International Education Week!  There are so many events on campus- what a great opportunity to learn more about global cultural, physical, and political geographies! 

And the most exciting part of the week? UR is hosting GIS Day as we celebrate its 20th Anniversary this Thursday, November 14th. Our SAL Director Wendy Stout has gone all out planning events for this week, including hosting a Spatial Analysis Lab Intern meet and greet, where our current interns and alums will be in the SAL to show off ongoing research projects and connect with other UR students and faculty. 

After our “Open House”, head over to Jepson Leadership School- the walk is only 30 seconds!- to sit in on some amazing lectures. Our speakers include : Keith VanGraafieland, ESRI’s Product Engineer working on the Living Atlas Ocean, Haitao Wang on Geospatial Development in China, from Virginia Tech, and many more fascinating speakers. For more information, reference our flyer below. You can also contact Professor Wendy Stout via email at:

We hope you can attend many of the events on campus this week, and especially those hosted by the Geography Department on Thursday! 

Quick Links for East Asia Week: 

The University of Richmond is conducting its famous campus-wide EcoChallenge week, where Spider faculty and students recognize and practice more sustainable living choices and work together in teams to compete for prizes. It’s not too late to join! Follow this link to participate and celebrate GreenUR and the Office for Sustainability! 

To learn more about sustainability, follow this link to our program here at UR! 

East Asia Week through the University of Richmond: Want to learn more about the University’s celebration and events this week? Check out this link from our International Education Page to learn more about all things Asia! 

Interested in all things Geography? Follow this link to GIS Day and the Geography Major/Minor pages to learn more about available courses, events, and what Geography is all about to us here at the University of Richmond! 

Come participate and be a part of this year’s regional spotlight on Eastern Asia! There is so much to see, learn, and do on campus! 

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