About the SAL

The University of Richmond’s Spatial Analysis Lab is the premier on-campus location for anything related to GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Located in room 300 of the Carole Weinstein International Center, near the Geography and the Environment Department, our hybrid classroom / computer lab contains up-to-date and complete versions of the ArcGIS software suite, as well as various other remote sensing, statistical, and design software.

The Spatial Analysis Lab is staffed by our Director, Dr. Guoping Huang, Operations Manager, Beth Zizzamia, and a team of student interns who have taken the GIS classes offered at the University of Richmond. Feel free to fill out a Support Survey for assistance with GIS or any other geospatial technology. We are more than happy to help you enhance your work, research, and projects with GIS!

Use the tabs at the top of this page to learn more about the Spatial Analysis Lab and about GIS. Follow us on Twitter @UR_SAL for news from the Spatial Analysis Lab as well as fun, geography-related links. And as always, you are welcome to stop by and visit with us. We will be sure to inspire your imagination about the possibilities surrounding GIS.

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