Expanding the Ivory Tower

Below are the archived podcast episodes of Expanding The Ivory Tower, written and produced by Victoria Charles.

Signing Off

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower, Victoria shares some final reflections about her research.

The Negligent Imbalance

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower we think about how black women are left out of the story that the University tells about itself.

A Very Important Letter to the Editor

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower, we reflect on a letter to the editor of The Collegian published in 1976. The author of the letter, Wanda Starke, and then-president of the Student Organization for Black Awareness (SOBA) wrote in to critique white members of the university community for failing to participate in SOBA’s celebration of Black History Week. This episode considers what happens when people from marginalized groups get to speak to their own experiences.

Unpacking Hillary Tuwei

This week’s episode features the story of Hillary Tuwei, R’80, one of the greatest track and field athletes in University of Richmond history.

Open to Negroes

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower we consider the narrative of the twelve unnamed black students that integrated night courses at University College back in 1964.

My Chat with Aron Stewart

This week’s episode captures part of a conversation with Aron Stewart R’74 a pioneer black student-athlete with a complex legacy at the University.

The Dreaded Question

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower Victoria tackles the most asked and the most dreaded question about her research.

With and Against the Grain

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower Victoria critiques her own research and the practice of working in isolation from the communities she studies.

My Chat with Iria Jones

This week’s episode of Expanding the Ivory Tower captures part of a conversation with an alumna whose pathway to the University of Richmond intertwines with the university’s legacy of racial discrimination.

She Persisted and Thrived

On this week’s episode, we consider the story of Irene Ebhomielen, a Nigerian international student who attended the University of Richmond in the early 70s.

The Circus of Integration

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower we consider the complicated history of integration at the University.

The Struggle for Black History Week

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower we explore the celebration of Black History Week at the University back in 1974. In this episode we consider the historical context of the event and the struggle to make it happen.

The Unfinished Work

This week our Post-Baccalaureate fellow, Victoria Charles, takes to the studio to reflect on the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King. More specifically, she dives into how Dr. King is remembered here at the University of Richmond. To do so, Victoria spoke with Lisa Miles, associate director of Common Ground and member of UR’s MLK Day planning committee, about how the University commemorates King today.

Reexamining the Narrative

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower Victoria critiques her own work and the practice of examining black students’ experiences through the lens of racism. Using the post about Walter Carpenter as a jumping off point, she unpacks the tension between acknowledging racism in the archive and centering racism in archival narratives.

Trump’s America’s America

This week’s episode takes a step back from the archive and offers a perspective on the recent election.

Revisiting “Dixie”

In light of new evidence found in the archive, this week’s episode revisits the 1971 controversy surrounding the now-defunct University Band’s use of the song “Dixie”.

On Racial Awareness

People say that talking about race is hard, but is it really? This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower Victoria explores a “Racial Awareness Session” that took place on campus in 1971 involving students from the University of Richmond and Virginia Union University, a nearby historically black university. During the session, the students were prompted to ask questions of themselves and each other through the lens of race and racism.

Let’s Push Back

This week on Expanding the Ivory Tower we consider two articles, one written in 1973 and the other in 2016, that chronicle black students’ critiques of the university.

Behind the Pine Curtain

This episode examines the context surrounding Black Student Day, a 1971 student-led event aimed toward achieving a more diverse student body. In this episode, Victoria raises questions about intent and challenges the assertion that the impetus for the event stemmed solely from goodwill.

The “Dixie” Question

This episode explores a 1971 controversy surrounding the now-defunct University Band’s use of the song “Dixie” during football games. For weeks, a spirited debate concerning the song’s use lined the pages of The Collegian. What unfolds on those pages sheds light on the racial attitudes of students at the time in interesting yet unsurprising ways.

Where Are We Now?

This episode brings Victoria back to the studio to discuss her relationship to Race and Racism at the University of Richmond. She dives into how her research fits into the project and gives a glimpse into its inception. Victoria also chats with Project Archivist Irina Rogova about Irina’s point of entry and goals for the project.