Final Assignment Description

My topic is I will be analyzing Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship through various music videos they’ve been in together. I will analyze how their relationship has affected society’s view of black heterosexual relationships. I chose it because Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship has always been apart of the public eye and the story of their relationship and marriage has been captured through their music and music videos. Their relationship is always referenced when the topic of black successful love is brought up and I would like to understand the implications this has on the culture of black heterosexual relationships. The pieces of media I am using are ‘03 Bonnie and Clyde music video, Upgrade U music video, and Sandcastles music video. The 3 keywords I will be applying are representation, stereotype, and race. This topic speaks to media culture and identity because Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship has been apart of popular media for more than a decade. Their relationship has accumulated a culture of “black love” and this culture is apart of the identity of black culture. In-class readings/media and scholarly sources I plan to cite are the Representation keyword reading, the Stereotype keyword reading, the Race keyword reading, “The Marriage Albums” article, and “Introduction: Black Marriage and Meaning from Antoney and Isabella to “Beyonce and Her Husband” journal article.