Final Assignment

My topic is:

Focusing on the ways in which race and gender could potentially change people’s outlook in life.

I chose it because:

Right now in my life, there is a coaching change that is taking place. With conversation with my team and people from the athletic department, there have been many instances where we, as a team, expressed how we would potentially want a female head coach because there’s a higher possibility that she will be able to connect with us personally. Also, we are adamant about finding a coach that will advocate for us and wants us, as athletes, to be recognized throughout campus.

The pieces of media I am using are:

Textbook keywords, pictures, media surrounding race

The 3 keywords I will be applying are:

Gender, representation, power

How does this topic speak to media, culture, and identity?

Attempts to show how the media sources we use really dictate the information we receive on campus. Creates a certain culture around sports and shows the campus that, at the moment, men sports are more important than female sports. And for identity, it attempts to break down the barriers of showing one gender over another.

In-class readings/media and scholarly sources I plan to cite are (identify at least 5):

  1. Gender keyword reading
  2. Representation keyword reading
  3. Power keyword reading
  4. Comparing and contrasting media content
  5. Videos and pictures


One thought on “Final Assignment

  • April 4, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    This is very vague. How does the media piece connect to the coach search? Rather it seems like the piece may be better if it focused on media publicity of sports on campus. Then, you could look at gender, power, and representation in the university’s media coverage (emails, billboards, posters, etc) of sports.

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