Analyzing a Scene: Indians On TV, Master of None

The Indians on T.V. episode of Master of None was extremely relatable and humorous, yet shared a very poignant message about the way ideologies are perpetuated through media. I chose the scene where Dev arrives back from the basketball game with executive Jerry Danvers and is convincing his friend that they must accept how society is not ready for more than one Indian on a T.V. show and take the role anyway. This scene was very interesting for me because we see Dev alter his perception from the beginning where he believes the executive is racist. In explaining Jerry Danvers’ excuse, Dev highlights the ideology of a white-centric society. Caught up in the pursuit for some cash, Dev is following this ideology as he agrees Indians “are not there yet” and two Indian men would make it an Indian show, just as too many black¬†or Asian people would make it a black or Asian show, respectively. This brings me to the second ideology shared throughout the scene: homosexuals are often viewed/grouped as a racial minority. Dev and his friend converse on the couch about how two gay men have succeeded in starring in entertainment without making it a “gay show” – yet, this point flattens the power relationships between race and sexuality by grouping them on the same playing field. It takes the white-centric¬†ideology one step further by making it a white-centric, hypermasculine world. I also noted that “Noosh” refuses carbs and continues working out throughout the scene, which conveys this ideology of the hypermasculine male constantly exercising and only eating certain foods. This last one may be far fetched but several ideologies are clearly at play in this scene.