Workshop: Getting Media!

List of tools covered in class:

Suggestion is to try 4k Downloader tool first for downloading media.

  • 4k Downloader to grab content from YouTube
    • Things to consider.  For small clips, grab the High Definition (1080p). Want to start with higher res media and can always scale down. For large media, like a film or clip longer than 15 minutes, select High Definition (720p).
    • Select: Mp4 format
    • The tool will download the media to your computer.
    • Works for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other sites.
  • Download Helper  
    • It installs in your browser.
    • The icon becomes color when you can download.

So what happens when these don’t work?

  • Use QuickTime
    • It allows you to record your screen.
    • File -> New Screen Recording -> Click and Drag to select part of the screen.
    • You can also capture the entire screen, but it will not capture the audio.
    • Only Video. No Audio.
    • To get audio, you’ll need an application called Soundflower.  Try this.
  • Handbrake
    • If you have a DVD drive on your computer, you can use this software to digitize the media.

Image Resolution


Where can I go for more help?


Organizing Data / Box

  • Keep an original copy of your piece of media that is different from your edited version!
  • File naming is important. Please use a consistent convention.
  • Please save your data in our MediaCultureIdentity_Spring2019 box folder. Create a folder with your name.
  • Consider making piece of media that you use a lot a “Favorite”.
  • There is no storage limit. The max per a file is 15GB.