Week 3: A 30-Minute Script

Every week working with the kids is a new adventure, simply because this is a new experience for both groups. This week, however, the kids were right on top of everything, and we were able to run through our scene again to make sure the kids understood and get a rough script made for our scene. The idea to gamify the entire process worked really well! We explained to the kids how they would be playing a game similar to improv. From there, the entire process went smoothly, as we would set up the scene for the kids, and they would act out how they would behave. At this point, we could expect to clean up the script in the next week or so, and we can begin with the drawing or other forms of visual media we may be using.


Overall there is a tremendous success in how this project is turning out, and I am confident that the kids will do really well as we begin to enter the second half of the project’s timeline.