Week 2: Making Progress?

This was our second week working with the community partners on our Shakespeare project. At first, it was a bit confusing, since the number of kids that we were working with fluctuated from last week. That being said, it seemed like the kids were a bit more prepared to pick up on the material, and by the end of the session, there was a general understanding of what the story was about. This made me wonder though, how can we get the kids to focus more? They are absolutely picking up on the major themes of our scene, but they seem to be stuck on the major themes. We have to find a way to get them to begin creating dialogue and eventually move on to creating their pictures. (We’re still trying to figure out if it will be drawings, robots, or both.)


I think that there may be a way though. Perhaps if we were to “gamify” the way that the scene is given to them, we may be able to get better responses. Maybe if we make the writing of the script more like a game, we will be more successful in getting a script ready for whatever art form may have to accompany it.

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