Group 1 First Meeting

My group’s first meeting with our community partners went well! I was a bit nervous about how Monday’s meeting would go, considering we had no idea what age the students would be, what previous Shakespeare experience they would have, or even how many would be assigned to our group. For the most part, these nerves subsided once our Microsoft Teams meeting began. I never thought I’d be presenting Shakespeare to a group of 15 or so fifth and sixth-graders; however, the experience was less chaotic than I expected it to be. Excluding a few very minor instances of talking over other students, the students were all well-behaved, engaged, and raised their hands politely using the “raise hand” feature. We realized that we would get the most kids to participate by including them directly in the decision-making process, rather than simply telling them what our class had already decided. For a large portion of the meeting, we (UR students) offered some limited options about the plot, and the students expressed their own opinions about which directions we should take our adaption. I was shocked that, when asked how Don Pedro should set up Claudio and Hero, most students thought that it should be done in-person instead of online. Overall, for having never heard of Much Ado About Nothing, the kids were very excited to be involved in deciding what elements of the story we should keep or change. I look forward to continuing our discussion of the plot and officially voting on the options we provided next week!