Boushall Week 6

The kids were a little wild on Thursday. It was difficult trying to get them to sit down and focus. We played Bullfrog again, which is a big hit with them, and then we split off into groups to work on specific scenes.

The tough thing about Macbeth is that other than the witch scenes, most of the scenes are just people standing around talking, so it can be hard to tell the kids how to act it out. I tried to explain the scene a little more as they went, so they would know what they were saying and give them suggestions about who to face when they talked or small gestures that could emphasize what they were saying. Like I said, the kids were unfocused today so working with one specific person at a time caused the rest to scatter and run around.

Overall though I think it was good to have the kids up and actually acting out their lines because the show is coming up quickly. Hopefully we can do better about keeping everyone engaged as everyone learns their roles and we have to spend less time on kids individually. Everyone still seems pretty excited about the play though, so hopefully that continues as we go.