We cut our script down a lot during the week which was much needed. We made sure each character never said more than 5 lines at a time. We thought if the lines were not that long, the children would not be as nervous to read them, and they would then read them faster with more confidence. Going into our Thursday night session, I was hopefully we would be able to get through the script much faster than the previous times.

We started off our session with a couple rounds of charades. This got the kids out of their seats and practicing their acting skills. They loved it! The kids that were typically shy, were still shy during this game, but for the most part the kids got into it! It is fun to see their personalities coming out each week. Some girls are so sweet, while others talk bad about each other. The boys on the other hand are typical 5th grade boys. They are constantly running around and having a good time with each other.

Once charades was over, we went through the whole script pretty quickly. We made the kids stand when they were reading their lines. We also encouraged them to act as they were reading their lines. It hit us that we only have a few more practices before the performance, so we started to panic that the kids were just going to be standing on the stage reading their lines while not acting! Surprisingly the kids were ambitious with their acting skills.

Some students kept extra copies of their scripts to practice at home which was adorable. Some students even asked for extra posters so they could give one to their mom and keep the other in their room. Fingers crossed this enthusiasm is still with the kids on the day of the performance.