Unfortunately our rehearsal was cancelled this week because the Higher Achievement site was having a Thanksgiving celebration. However, with this cancellation it quickly made me realize that we only have two more rehearsals with our children and we have a ton of work to do! We have finally nailed down a script that should keep us within our time constraints. We found it most helpful to limit the longer parts for the children because that is where even our best readers were really struggling. So for a rule of thumb we made no one’s lines at a given time longer than 5 lines unless it was crucial to the plot.

With not having rehearsal this week, it also made me realize that we really need to start getting the children to act with some props. I think that they will not only enjoy that practice, but that it will be beneficial for the show. I know that our witches are excited to have hats and be working with a cauldron. In a previous rehearsal me and the 6 witches rehearsed Act 1 Scene 1 around a round table and we acted out throwing stuff onto the round table as if it were a cauldron, but I think they would really love to actually do it. I am hoping for next rehearsal that we can bring a few props, but that it won’t be too distracting for them.

Our kids have been doing really well with their lines and we are lucky to have students that have been consistently showing up. We only know of one girl so far that cannot make the show. She has had a small part from the beginning of casting so that will not serve as a challenge come show day. Our time with the children has gone so fast, but I think our final 2 rehearsals will even more enjoyable once we see the kids really get into their lines. I can’t wait to see them perform at the final show!