Practice #7

Today we had both of our main characters present for the first time in three weeks! We were finally able to block our fight scene, which we had been putting off since participants had been absent. We spent most of practice today talking about the fight scene and seeing how it should be blocked. None of us have blocked a fight scene before, so it took some creativity and imagination! Juliana gave a great suggestion on how the scene should look and after trying the blocking it looked great! Everyone clapped once the scene was over because it looked so good! It is exiting to see the participants still engaged and excited to be at practice.

We did have a few missing people today, which is usual, so we were not able to do certain scenes. The rest of our practice was spent going over previous blocking and practicing the scenes with the actors we had present! I filled in lines for two characters which was fun! At the end of the rehearsal, we got into a discussion about how Shakespeare wrote his plays about history and how this one is about King James. They were very excited to talk more about this and get into a discussion on why Shakespeare writes the way he does. We talked more specifically about the representation of Lady Macbeth in the play and what Shakespeare was trying to say about women with her character. Hopefully, we will have more discussions like this in the future! We will not be meeting next week, because most of the participants are going to be out of town and they asked to skip next weeks rehearsal.