Boushall Week 5

We had another great week with the kids. Today the kids said they wanted to play Charades instead of Bullfrog so we went with it. It was a good way to get them to try to act something else, but a lot of them seemed embarrassed to participate even though they wanted to play in the first place. I think that happens a lot with our group because we have a group of girls who have formed a little clique that doesn’t really buy into what we’re doing, which was especially difficult today.

We were doing a run-through to try to get the kids used to Shakespeare’s language and reading their lines. Most of these girls only have small roles (a couple lines or even just a non-speaking part) because they said from the beginning that they didn’t want lines. Because of this, they’re not as involved in what we’re doing, and they can be huge distractions to the other kids. In the future, we’ll need to work on trying to keep them more engaged by splitting them up and working in smaller groups.

Other than that, this week went well. We cut down the script a lot before this week, and everyone seems to be much more comfortable with their lines now that there aren’t huge blocks of text. Next week we’ll try to be more active and get the kids to start acting out their parts.