Juliana LoPiccolo Week 7 Blog Post

This week we choreographed the fight scene of Macbeth. The Osher participants were so excited to start choreographing this scene and were very engaged. Choreographing the fight scene was difficult because the Osher participants are not required to be off script so we had to choreograph the fight scene while being mindful that they were still holding scripts. We practiced this scene multiple times because we did not want anyone to get hurt in the process of choreographing this scene. We kept the choreography very minimal while still expressing that a battle was ensuing between Macbeth and Macduff. It was great to get the Osher participants’ feedback during this scene so they too could contribute to the choreography of this scene. By far this was the most challenging scene to block because it involved swords and fighting. I was very impressed at how the Osher Participants handled themselves during this scene because it took a lot of trial and error to block correctly. Next week we will not be meeting because it is Thanksgiving week, so I am glad we got to spend an extensive amount of time blocking during today’s (11/13/17) rehearsal.