Nov. 4th

Last week was a really great rehearsal. We went over our lines twice and practiced staging. We had the idea that before Puck’s big speech at the end to bring all the actors from Act 5 out on stage and make them all fairies flying in the background. We also had the idea to bring all the kids out from all the other acts and anyone else who participated in the production. This means that Sheryl will have to wait a few minutes to get everyone on stage. We also had a lot of fun with the costumes. Sheryl has a lot of props and costumes. We have a few crowns, a mantel which were planning on coloring with red sharpie during the actual play. We have lion ears but are trying to invest in a better pair. They look a little mouse like and not a big scary lion. Also, we have a great wall costume and a plastic knife. It looks pretty real though! So were doing pretty well in that aspect!