This past Tuesday when we arrived at Higher Achievement, there were no people or school buses in sight like there usually is. We knocked and tried calling one of the program directors a few times to see if they were there or it had been cancelled this week, but she never picked up her phone. We didn’t get an email so we’re still not sure what happened, but after waiting 15 minutes we decided to head home. However, while this trip to Higher Achievement was a minor setback in the progress we’ve been making, we still had a productive work day during class. We finalized our list of props for the Act and went through each of our students to organize everyone’s roles and figure out which students would be the same character. After dividing their parts up, we took the characters that were going to be split up by two actors and divided their lines. For example, we have Hermia #1 and Hermia #2 so Hermia #1 would say the first half of Hermia’s lines (with her father and Lysander) and then Hermia #2 would step in for the conversation with Helena. When balancing out the lines for the two actresses, we gave the longer speeches to our student who was more comfortable reading her lines so that they would both be happy with their roles on stage and amount of lines they had to read. Had we met with our group that night, we were going to break down the whole Act into 3 parts and Devani, Mel, and I would each take one part and the lines/characters with it. Up until now, we had made random small groups for practicing lines, but by doing it chronologically with the act, the students would be able to practice with the people they would be on stage with. We will do this next Tuesday when we go!! We are hoping to keep up the progress we’ve been having before the minor setback this week.